Two journalists, Natalie and Marc, who work for a French publication, are sent on location in Pennsylvania to cover the hot topic of hydro-fracking. They are told to investigate several suspicious deaths that are reportedly being covered up. They are also told to explore the possible collusion of the gas industry with local politicians and government agencies allegedly being paid off to stay silent about contamination of drinking water supplies and other hazards. The two “outsider” journalists are treated with mixed feelings and suspicion by the small community they have entered. On a committed mission to discover the truth in whatever way they can, they become involved in a tangled web of greed and corruption. Not only do they discover a severely fractured community, but also in the process they uncover the degree to which they themselves and the people around them are internally fractured.


“A Crack In Everything” is my contribution to the campaign against what is popularly known as “hydro-fracking” or just “fracking,” the extraction process of hydraulic fracturing, drilling deep into the shale rock of the earth and pumping in immense amounts of water mixed with a toxic cocktail of unregulated chemicals in order to make it easier to get to the natural gas within. This film project is a year and a half-long endeavor that began when I was asked for my participation on an anti-fracking ad campaign. My research brought me into the extraordinarily beautiful (though increasingly damaged) state of Pennsylvania. I was shocked and intensely moved by seeing firsthand how communities have been so severely affected by the ubiquitous drilling. I was inspired to write a story that reflects the deep fractures that have occurred not just in the geography of the land, but also in the human spirit. This is not only a very personal project for me but also about a topic that has struck a strong chord with millions of thoughtful people across the nation and the globe. It is more important than ever for each of us to be a part of an ongoing conversation about the severity of the environmental crisis we face and man's contribution to climate change.